Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ice Age Series :Tales of True love and Friendship

It was a tiring day… spent the whole day slogging at the shop….but now the time is 11:30 PM and I just can’t stop writing about the movie I just watched!!!

Came home at 10… watched Ice Age: The Dawn of Dinosaurs…I have already seen this movie twice …. I just love every single frame of this movie…. Who said Animation movies are just for kiddos…? if this is true then I truly and proudly consider myself as a kid… J

If you have not watched the first 2 part of ice age series.. then please don’t watch this movie… coz you won’t understand the chemistry of the herd : Manny – Ellie – Diego – Sid – Eddie – Crash….

Sid is the character I love the most… a big time comedian of the herd J

Manny and Ellie are expecting their first child… Manny gets panicked whenever Ellie feels the kick in her stomach…. and u will feel the warmth of love between Manny and Ellie in many Scenes… the “ Too Much Caring “ Manny gets frightened when he feels Ellie is not comfortable..If you have ever fell in love in your life.. Then certainly this is one of the movies to watch… there is love in every frame between Ellie and Manny…. Sid on the other hand spots an secluded 3 eggs of a dino…. In an outrageous situation Sid starts parenting the baby Dinos..!! Sid later gets kidnapped by the mother of the Baby dinos into a different part of the Jungle underneath the Ice shelved Polar Caps ..!!!

What’s next is a roller coaster ride…. The herd starts the rescue mission to locate and help Sid.. I don’t want to comment or narrate the scenes in the movie.. all I can say is if you have an awesome friends in ur Life.. and if u have ever fell in love in life…. Then I strongly recommend watching this movie… It’s all about Fun in Friendship and Bliss in unconditional Love… and I like to end this post with a small dialogue between Manny and Ellie…

Ellie: You know I think there is something bothering Diego.

Manny: No, I am sure everything is fine

Ellie: you should talk to him.

Manny: Guys don't talk to guys about guy problems. They just... punch each other on the shoulder.

Ellie: That's stupid!

Manny: To a girl! To a guy that's, like, six months of therapy!

Ok.. Time to hit the bed…. It’s already 12 … Bus to Bangalore @ 6 in the morning L ….